Geonets are discernibly stiffer than geotextiles and have relatively large voids within the material. Methods of production vary but include extrusion, bonding or interlacing. They can be produced from nearly all polymeric materials. These are used to strengthen fill materials in geotechnical applications. They provide increased shear strength between soil strata interfaces. Their tensile strength can prevent or decrease the degree of differential settlement in some applications by transmitting the load over a broader area of soil thereby diminishing the vertical stress in the soil.

Geonets is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geonet. The geonet is made with 2 overcrossed strands at 60ยบ, whose geometry create channels with a high flow capacity, also under pressure and at very low gradients.

Function : DRAINAGE

MAIN USES: Landfill capping, new landfills, water reservoirs, horizontal drainage in embankments and platforms of roads, railways, trams and other trafficked areas, retaining structures, bridges, foundations, basements, canals, cut and cover tunnels, tunnels and other underground structures, gardens and sport fields.