Geo Textiles  
Geotextile is permeable flexible membrane a fabric like continues sheet of woven / non woven.  

Woven: - polypropylene multifilament woven goetextile are manufactured from high tenacity multifilament yarn.
Non woven: - polypropylene non woven geotextile are manufactured form specialty fibers chemically / mechanically or thermally bonded process and is needle punch.


Geotextile Functions

  1. Separation function; separation of two layers of soil with different soil physical properties, such as road gravel from soft sub-base materials.
  2. Filtration function; retaining fine particles when water passes from a fine-grained to a coarse grained layer, such as when water flows from a sandy soil into a geotextile wrapped gravel drain.
  3. Drainage function; to drain liquid or gas in the plane of the fabric which results in draining or venting of the soil, such as a gas vent layer in a landfill cap.
  4. Reinforcement function; improving the load bearing capacity of a soil structure, such as a high strength geotextile to reinforce a retaining wall.
  5. Protection function; mechanical protection of geomembranes against perforation and abrasion, such as a liner protective layer when only gravel fills are available.



Sub grade Stabilization

Separation / Filtration

Rail road Tracked Stabilization

Drainage /  Separation / Filtration

Asphalt Overlay

Water Proofing / Stress reliving layer



Steep slopes


Vertical walls


Erosion control filter 

Separation / Filtration

Sub surface Drainage Filter

Separation / Filtration

Geomembrane Production

Protection / Cushion